Sire & Dams 


Cigar is our rare colored chocolate stud. He is so impressive even at a young age and we are extremely proud of him. He is an incredible fully suited (no white), chocolate tri, triple carrier, with clear tan points and light brownish eyes! We have great hopes for this amazing stud! He is an outstanding boy with an amazing pedigree. Cigar was imported from Canada and comes from British bloodlines! Cigar is the full package, he has a big head, huge ropes, lots of wrinkles, great bone structure and a kind personality. He stands for Stud to approved females.


Dam. Rolex

Rolex is our incredible Lilac tri rare colored female. She is a beautiful stout girl full of wrinkles and rolls with spectacular bluish green eyes. Rolex comes from great lines and an outstanding pedigree. She is a very high quality english bulldog. Rolex has it all, a broad chest, great body structure, a large head with big ropes and a sweet loving personality to compliment her beauty.  She loves playing in the water and loves to cuddle up and get lots of belly rubs. She is definitely a jaw dropping sweetheart!! 

Dam. Silver

Silver is our sweet incredible Blue tri triple carrier rare colored female. She is a beautiful girl full of wrinkles and rolls with an amazing personality. Silver is grand sired by Higgins, one of the best rare colored males nationwide! Silver comes from great bloodline with an incredible pedigree. Silver is a beauty queen! She has a broad chest, great body structure, a large head with big ropes.  She loves playing ball and loves getting lots of attention. She is definitely a precious diva!! 


What are rare colored bulldogs?

where did all rare colors came from? Well, colored English bulldogs started with show dogs with black coats. Colored bulldogs are no more than a black dog that has been diluted in color. Black Bulldogs and other rare colors, are NOT inferior or of less quality than any other well-bred bulldog, they just don't meet the standard for Bulldogs as far as color goes but they are still AKC registered. here are a description of the different colors:


  1. Lilac Bulldogs start out black, then diluted not once, but twice, by the Chocolate Gene, then the blue gene. 

  2. Blue Bulldogs are diluted black dogs. The blue/grey coat should be shiny & look grey against black objects or in the sun.

  3. Chocolate Bulldogs are diluted black dogs from a different dilution gene than the blue. The chocolate coat should be shiny and look brown against black objects or in the sun 

  4. Black Bulldogs are the most common of the 4 Rare Colors in AKC English Bulldogs. The black should be shiny & look black against black objects or in the sun.

  5. Tri Tan points  the tan points are typically on the eyebrows, cheeks, front shoulders. Tan points will not show up if the dog is white where the points would normally be. Tri points can show in all rare colored bulldogs.


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